Image Guided Biopsies

Advanced Shore Imaging Associates offers image guided biopsy services.

Ultrasound Guided

  • Thyroid
  • Lymph node
  • Soft Tissue Mass (ex. Lipoma)

Breast Biopsy

  • Ultrasound guided
  • Stereotactic
  • MRI guided


I had a breast biopsy done today at Advanced Shore Imaging & I have to say they made something that was very scary, almost, I said almost, a walk in the park. There was some discomfort but every step & every move was explained & how the machine will pinpoint the area for the biopsy & where the clip will be placed. The injection to numb the area was somewhat uncomfortable but Whitney, was nurturing & was rubbing my back & the pretty blonde girl, Marian, was taking pictures & placing me in the right direction & telling me what to expect & if I feel any pain. My nurse Eileen, was waiting in the wings w steri strips, band aids & cold packs. Dr. Daniels came in ( very pretty) & started the prickly stuff. She has hands like a dove, gentle & also explaing what was happening & why I was feeling pinches & when she was taking the biopsies needed & when she was inserting the clip. The clip will remain in place for future mammograms, to see where the last biopsy was taken. The reason for this procedure will determine which road will be traveled. Not all of us are lucky to have a negative result but it's important that mammograms are not ignored nor should a woman feel any embarrassment. This procedure could save your life. It's a distance to travel but it's worth it. It's welcoming, clean, friendly & all staff members are concerned about each patient & you leave there informed, less scared & confident that you had the best team taking care of you. The check-up call meant as much as all that occurred in the procedure itself. Good luck to all!!